Congrats! You Just Had LASIK…Now What?

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LASIK is often called a miracle procedure due to its quick recovery period. A patient can see improvement in their vision right after the procedure. Sometimes it only takes 24 hours to be able to be free of glasses or contacts. However, you need to follow your instructions carefully. The day of your LASIK you should sleep as much as possible. Your eyes heal at a faster rate when they are resting.

Here are the few instructions that you must follow:

  • Do not rub your eyes for at least two months.
  • No eye make-up for one week if you buy new mascara and eyeliner. Two weeks without eye makeup if you are going to use mascara and liner that you already own.
  • Cleanse your face carefully. Avoid adding any pressure or excessive moisture to your eyelids. An easy tip is to utilize a washcloth so you can control the area you are cleaning.
  • When washing your hair allow the shampoo and conditioner to run off your back. Do not let water from the shower head hit directly on your face for two weeks.
  • Follow your drops instructions.
  • Apply artificial tears at least six times a day. Your eyes need to be lubricated in order to heal properly. Lubricated eyes will also make you feel more comfortable as well.
  • Apply eye gel to your eyes before you go to bed. Your eyes get dry throughout the night.
  • Wear your eye shields for a week to protect your eyes while you are sleeping.
  • You may end up with a small bruise on the white part of your eye, the sclera. This redness will go away in a few weeks.
  • Wear sunglasses when you are out and about. Sunglasses protect you from the sun and any debris out in the air.
  • No swimming, water sports, hot tubs or Jacuzzi for 2 weeks.
  • It is normal to have one eye feel different than the other.
  • It is very normal for your vision to fluctuate and change within the day.

You will see Dr. Katzen the day after your procedure to ensure a proper healing process. You will also be expected to come back for follow up appointments for a full year (included in your LASIK package). After your LASIK procedure, please continue to have annual eye checkups. Most eye conditions can be prevented or minimized if diagnosed and treated early. Remember your eyes are the windows to the world. You have now amazing vision! Go enjoy your gift of sight!

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