The wonders of lasik

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Most of our patients who come to Katzen Eye Care and Laser Center tell us that they are tired of the hassle of glasses and contacts, hence, the reason why they want to have LASIK. At the patients’ one year follow up appointments we hear all sorts of stories about how their lives have changed… Read More

Congrats! You Just Had LASIK…Now What?

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LASIK is often called a miracle procedure due to its quick recovery period. A patient can see improvement in their vision right after the procedure. Sometimes it only takes 24 hours to be able to be free of glasses or contacts. However, you need to follow your instructions carefully. The day of your LASIK you… Read More

How many different LASIK procedures are there?

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The field of laser vision correction is getting very sophisticated as technology evolves. It is understandable why it is getting confusing for patients to comprehend the various terms utilized by different surgeons. There are four main methods using an excimer laser to reshape a cornea in order to achieve better vision and become less dependent… Read More

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