Refractive Lenses Exchange

The permanent solution to your near- or farsightedness. RLE is a corrective procedure that eliminates the development of future cataracts.

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Exchange The Natural Lens

In those cases where patients are presbyopic (need reading glasses) or are not eligible for LASIK, Refractive Lens Exchange(RLE) or Clear Lens Exchange (CLE) is often the most appropriate surgical alternative.

Traditionally, presbyopia, which happens to all of us as we age, has always meant patients required glasses or contacts for reading. LASIK is unable to permanently treat this condition. Refractive Lens Exchange(RLE) is mostly for older patients who are Presbyopic (need reading glasses), or have significant farsighted or nearsighted errors and want to permanently correct their distance vision as well as lessen their dependence on reading glasses.

Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE) is similar to cataract surgery. The procedure replaces the natural crystalline lens of the eye with an IntraOcular lens implant that is hidden behind the iris. Refractive Lens Exchange can now provide patients with a clear alternative to reading glasses by using lifestyle lens implants.

Is RLE/CLE Right For Me?

If you answer “Yes” to any of these questions, you may be a good candidate for RLE.

  • Are you nearsighted or farsighted?
  • Do you have an astigmatism?
  • Do you use readers?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of RLE?

  • Years of successful surgical history
  • Quick recovery time after the procedure
  • Better alternative to thin corneas, dry eyes, or other corneal problems
  • An option to permanently treat distance and near corrections
  • No possibility of developing a cataract in the future

Why is a highly experienced cataract/LASIK surgeon is essential for RLE?

In order for Refractive Lens Exchange to be successful it is absolutely necessary to select a doctor who has both considerable cataract experience as well as extensive corneal based refractive surgery experience. Sometimes a combination of LASIK or refractive surgery may be used with a Refractive Lens Exchange to achieve the sharpest vision.

Because RLE is often not performed by surgeons that only specialize in LASIK or regular cataract removal, refractive lens exchange may never be offered to the patient as an option.

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