Top 5 reasons for blindness in the world

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Top 5 reasons for blindness in the world

The World Health Organization, WHO, has estimated that there are 39 million people in the world who are blind. From this group of people, 80% of their visual impairment is either preventable or curable. It is unfortunate that there are so many blind people who are incapacitated due to their sight when the technology exists for them to regain their sense of vision. Pre-conceptions of older available medical quality of care and treatments prevent many from attaining the much-needed treatments. Fear is also a very important factor. The field of ophthalmology has and is constantly advancing in its technology and medical achievements. What was a dream a few years ago is a routine procedure now a day?
Unfortunately, there are millions of blind individual due to lack of access to medical care. The 5 main eye conditions responsible for the loss of vision for so many individuals are:

  • Cataracts are responsible for 65% of the world blindness. It is ironic that Cataracts is the most popular surgical procedure in the US.
  • Glaucoma is responsible for 6 million blind people. Simple use of medicated drops could prevent the further development of this condition.!/li>
  • Infectious-childhood blindness caused by conditions related to pregnancy.
  • Central Corneal Ulcerations/Corneal Scarring can be treated early to prevent further visual loss
  • Injuries. Early medical attention, as with any injury sometimes eases the chances of medical improvement.

Dr. Katzen has traveled all over the world offering his skills as an ophthalmic surgeon to treat those individuals who are less fortunate and live in underdeveloped countries. By regaining their sight, individuals are becoming more productive for their families and their communities.

The importance of maintaining your annual visits with your eye care provider cannot be emphasized enough. Dr. Katzen and Dr. Nahas are able to deliver amazing results due to the advanced technology lens implants that are now available. Ophthalmologists can treat conditions that will prevent individuals from most causes of vision lost, as well as, getting you to see great without contacts of glasses. Do not wait to have your eyes checked!

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