When to call for an Eye Appointment

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We all struggle with the question of: Do I really need to make an eye appointment? Waiting for the next time you want a pair of glasses or contacts is not the correct way of taking care of your eyes.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind of when you should definitely come to be seen by one of our ophthalmologists or optometrists.

  • If you are seeing Flashes and Floaters it is time to come and see us.
  • Frequent Headaches. Headaches can be attributed to an endless list of causes but often we forget that it could be due to your eye’s health.
  • Squinting and Blurriness. You may need a new prescription for glasses or it could be something else. Give us a call.
  • Not being able to focus. How can you see if you cannot focus? Give us a call.
  • Sensitivity to light. No reason to be in discomfort, we can find the reason and treat it.
  • Eye Pain. Whenever there is a pain in your eye do not wait. We will alleviate the pain, detect the cause of the problem, and treat it.
  • You cannot remember when your last eye check-up was. Oh boy! Then, we really need to see you.

The gift of sight is of most importance for your comfort, delight, daily activities, and security among other reasons. A simple visit with your ophthalmologist or optometrist can keep your eyes healthy and working at their full potential. Give us a call at Katzen Eye Care & Laser Center.

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