Advice for those with Cataracts

Cataracts are the clouding of the natural lens inside the eye. This clouding takes place at different paces. Some cataracts develop quite rapidly and others take their sweet time. When your daily activities start to be interrupted or become more difficult due to your vision impairment from the cataract…it is time to have cataract surgery. … Read More Advice for those with Cataracts

The Wonders of LASIK

Most of our patients who come to Katzen Eye Care and Laser Center tell us that they are tired of the hassle of glasses and contacts, hence, the reason why they want to have LASIK. At the patients’ one year follow up appointments we hear all sorts of stories about how their lives have changed … Read More The Wonders of LASIK

I was diagnosed with Glaucoma, “the Sneak Thief of Vision”…Now what?

Glaucoma is a condition that takes place in the eyes. When the pressure inside the eye rises to a high level, the pressure starts to damage the eye’s optic nerve which is located in the back of the eye. This damage tends to get worse over time and is likely to be inherited, hence the … Read More I was diagnosed with Glaucoma, “the Sneak Thief of Vision”…Now what?

Can an Eye be Transplanted?

The eye is connected to the brain via the optic nerve. The light that comes through the eye is interpreted as signals in the retina. These signals go through the optic nerve and eventually to the brain. The optic nerve is small (1.3” to 2.2”L and 1/5”W), however, it contains more than a million tiny … Read More Can an Eye be Transplanted?

Are Babies Colorblind?

At birth, babies see exclusively black, white and some shades of gray. The nerve cells in the retina are not fully developed on newborn babies. Colors are experienced when light reaches our retina. The retina is a tightly packed nerve cells area in the back of the eye. These nerve cells are called rods and … Read More Are Babies Colorblind?

October is Halloween Safety Month

Tips to protect your vision during Halloween season Decorative contact lenses Do not wear decorative contact lenses which are purchased online or at costume stores. Do not purchase contacts without a prescription. Contact lenses must be properly fitted by an eye physician. Do not share contact lenses! Improper use of contacts can lead to bacterial … Read More October is Halloween Safety Month

November is Diabetic Eye Disease Month

Diabetes is the number one cause of blindness in our country. Diabetes is a metabolic disease which occurs when there blood glucose level is high due to low insulin production or body’s inability to respond to insulin. Individuals who are overweight, high blood pressure, have a family of Diabetes and/or are 45 years of age … Read More November is Diabetic Eye Disease Month

How many different LASIK procedures are there?

The field of laser vision correction is getting quite sophisticated as technology evolves. It is understandable why it is getting confusing for patients to comprehend the various terms utilized by different surgeons. There are four main methods using an excimer laser to reshape a cornea in order to achieve better vision and become less dependent … Read More How many different LASIK procedures are there?

Why do I have dry eyes?

When a person has dry eyes, it means that the person has an inadequate amount of tears. Tears spread across the cornea providing clear vision, lubrication, reducing the risk of infection, and washing away any foreign body in the eye. Tears are generated by glands around our eyes and they exit through our tear ducts. … Read More Why do I have dry eyes?


Orbis International is a non-profit non-governmental organization that is now celebrating this year its 34th anniversary of saving the vision of many people worldwide. This organization focuses on preventing and treating blinding diseases in developing countries.  The Orbis group of surgeons, nurses, technicians, and support staff treat as well as teach the local professionals the … Read More Orbis