In 1981, eye surgeon Lawrence Katzen, M.D., founded the Katzen Eye Care & Laser Center with a commitment to provide patients in Palm Beach County with the finest quality eye care available. Since that time, more than 50,000 LASIK and cataract surgery and general ophthalmology patients have had their vision surgically improved at the center.

39 years later, Dr. Katzen and his team continue to deliver the highest quality eye care. If you want to find the best LASIK and cataract surgeon, join thousands of other Palm Beach County eye surgery patients who have trusted Dr. Katzen to bring their world back into focus.

Our Commitment to You

Quality Care

To deliver the highest quality eye care, using the most advanced technology in a compassionate and personalized setting, resulting in the best possible patient outcomes.

Our Patients

We strive to consistently meet or exceed the service and care expectations of our patients. We do so by investing in staff education and new technology. We maintain a comfortable, warm and pleasing environment for our patients. We strive to be available and accessible and to ensure that we provide an appropriate amount of time for each patient.

Our Services

We focus on refractive and cataract surgery while offering a comprehensive, all-inclusive, mix of eye care services, through our practice and referral networks. We are fortunate that the delivery of our services helps to restore the miracle of sight.

Our Employees

We invest in the continual personal and professional development of staff members. We will provide them with the tools necessary to most effectively and efficiently perform their jobs while reinforcing the basic tenet of providing excellence in customer service.