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After Dialing 1-877-736-2020, An Appointment is Made for a Free Consultation...



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The Free Consultation

During the consultation, you'll learn if you are a candidate for LASIK in Palm Beach, how the procedure works, the risks and benefits, and financial obligations and payment programs.


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Complete Eye Exam

After your consultation, a full eye exam will confirm your candidacy for laser vision correction.


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Special Tests:

Several additional tests are done, such as corneal topography, which will obtain additional information about your vision to insure a successful outcome.

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Before LASIK Procedure

Patients relax before the procedure in the "LASIK Lounge"

The LASIK Procedure

Using the new Intralase FS Laser and the VISX Star S4 Laser, Dr. Katzen gently treats a lifetime of nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism in less than a minute.

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Same Day Post-Op Exam

Lawrence Katzen, MD, will examine your eyes a few minutes after the procedure to make sure you are comfortable and ready to start your post-op medications.

The Next Day

You will return to Dr. Katzen the day after surgery. Here Dr. Katzen checks a patient's vision. You can look forward to an improvement in your vision the next day after surgery and can return to your normal activities. Other follow-up exams occur at one week, one month, and three months.

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Discover a world beyond glasses and contacts

Many patients are able to drive to and from their one day post-op visit without glasses following laser vision correction.

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