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Lifestyle IOLs, Lifestyle Implants & Visian ICL in West Palm Beach

Lifestyle Lenses

Not all patients are candidates for laser vision correction because of cataracts, thin corneal tissue, a prescription that is too extreme, or those who do not wish to undergo laser eye surgery. For these patients, the implantation of an Intraocular Lens is a great alternative to achieve excellent results.

What are intraocular lenses?
Intraocular lenses, or IOLs, are lenses that are implanted inside the eye that take the place of the natural crystalline lens after it has been removed during cataract surgery, refractive lens exchange, or when patients are not candidates for laser vision correction. The first IOLs were monofocal and could only correct for distance or near vision, but not both. The latest advancements in IOL design have produced lifestyle IOLS that can improve vision for the entire range of vision including near, intermediate and far.

Learn About Lifestyle Lenses

Tecnis Symfony IOL

The Tecnis Symfony IOL is a multifocal intraocular lens created to increase both quality in vision and range. Unlike traditional IOL lenses, the Tecnis Symfony IOL allows for a full range of continuous high-quality vision, yet also allows for focus on near objects and over the mono lens has no increase in difficulty with night vision. The Tecnis Symfony IOL lens allows for better customization in vision treatment for each patient individually. The thought of correcting presbyopia with these technologies is typically thought of in regards to vision at a distinct distance and leads to a high level of patient satisfaction.

Lifestyle Intraocular lens implants can reduce or eliminate your dependence on glasses. Our practice currently utilizes the Crystalens, the TECNIS Lifestyle, AcrySof ReSTOR  the TECNIS Aspheric, and AcrySof Toric IOL for cataracts or for refractive lens exchange. We also offer the Visian ICL, an implantable contact lens that is recommended for patients who are not candidates for laser vision correction. To learn more about these lifestyle lenses and the exciting options they offer for eliminating glasses, contact our center or schedule an appointment.

Lens Implants for Astigmatism

The AcrySof Toric IOL

AcrySof Toric Lens

Astigmatism is an optical condition that can blur vision at both distance and near. Until recently, patients with significant amounts of astigmatism were forced to still depend on glasses or contacts after cataract surgery or refractive lens exchange surgery to improve their vision.

The AcrySof Toric Intraocular Lens has advanced technology that can eliminate the cataracts that cloud your vision and correct the astigmatism that distorts your vision all at the same time. In a recent FDA study 97% of patients were able to eliminate the need for glasses to see in the distance and achieved 20/25 or better. Most of our AcrySof Toric IOL patients enjoy activities like sports, driving, or watching T.V. and movies without the need for contacts or glasses.

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 Lens Implants for Night Driving

The Tecnis Aspheric IOL 

This new technology provides Tecnis IOL patients with youthful, clear and crisp vision using wavefront lens technology. It corrects the optical imbalances that reduce contrast in our vision as we age. The major benefit of the lens is the increased contrast of vision in low-light situations such as night driving and the reduction of glare during the day. The functional improvement in night vision makes night driving safer because traffic hazards can be identified more easily.

To learn more go to: www.tecnisiol.com/patient.htm

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Lifestyle Lens Implants
TECNIS ™ Lifestyle, Crystalens , and ReSTOR IOLs

The Tecnis MF, Crystalens and ReSTOR implants are lifestyle intraocular lenses. We recommend these lenses for many of our patients who are undergoing cataract surgery in West Palm Beach, Lake Worth, Delray Beach, Boynton Beach, Jupiter and Wellington, Florida. We also recommend these lenses for those who suffer from presbyopia (the need to wear reading glasses), and who want to eliminate wearing contact lenses and glasses. Though they work in different ways, these implants give IOL patients freedom from glasses by correcting both distance and near vision at the same time.

THE TECNIS Lifestyle

The unique design of this implant reduces optical distortions by using Wavefront technology and optics that make it possible for Tecnis patients to have reading and distance vision in any light condition. The range of vision includes reading, intermediate, and distance vision. The results are superior to a standard lifestyle lens. 94% of patients that have had the lens implanted would choose the lens again!

To learn more go to: www.tecnismultifocal.com

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The Crystalens


Crystalens is a revolutionary breakthrough in vision enhancement. It is the first and only intraocular lens (IOL) replacement that focuses like the eye's natural lens, allowing for continuous vision up close, far away and all distances in between. By using the eye's muscle to move the lens backwards and forwards naturally in response to the brain's desire to see at different distances, Crystalens enables the eye to focus continuously and seamlessly through a range of distances. In fact, most of our Crystalens patients experience the same vision they had when they were younger, for most without the inconvenience of corrective lenses. Crystalens corrects distance vision while reducing your dependence on reading glasses.

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AcrySof ReSTOR

The AcrySof ReSTOR IOL (intraocular lens) gives people the ability to see near, far or in between, often freeing them from the need for glasses. The optical design of the lens is tapered from the center to the outside with asphericity that allows for sharp, clear images at all distances. This means that our ReSTOR patients can enjoy a full range of vision without wearing their glasses.

For more information go to:   www.acrysofrestor.com

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Implantable Contact Lens

The Visian ICL (Implantable Collamer® Lens)


People who wish to avoid or are unable to undergo laser vision correction have yet another intraocular lens (IOL) alternative available at Katzen Eye Care & Laser Center. Implantable contact lenses (ICLs) are a safe and effective way to improve high amounts of nearsightedness and far sightedness.

The Visian ICL Implantable Collamer® Lens, is a type of intraocular contact lens that is implanted between the iris and the natural lens.

Those who undergo the intraocular lens surgery with the Visian ICL obtain freedom from contact lenses and glasses. Dr. Katzen was the first surgeon to implant this lens.

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Contact Katzen Eye Care & Laser Center
To learn more about lifestyle intraocular lens surgery to implant ReSTOR, Crystalens, Tecnis, AcrySof Toric, and Visian ICL lenses, contact Katzen Eye Care & Laser Center. By scheduling an appointment for a private consultation, prospective patients can become more informed about their options and come to confident, educated decisions. We also treat Wellington, Florida, West Palm Beach, Lake Worth, Delray, Stuart, Boynton Beach, Port St. Lucie, Palm Beach Gardens and Jupiter cataract surgery and lens exchange patients.

Lawrence Katzen, MD, is proud to offer highly effective refractive eye surgery procedures and impeccable patient care. Together with his colleagues – Michael Weiskopf, OD; Elizabeth Oteiza, MD; and Debra McCracken, OD, and their team of skilled nurses and receptionists, he provides a superior refractive eye surgery experience.

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