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Sarah Davis, LASIK Patient
"Absolutely worth the investment ...tenfold."


Harrison Katzen, Dr. Katzen's Son
"Dad, thanks again for giving me my vision!"

Justin Green, LASIK Patient
"I really wanted nothing but the best. I took quite a while to decide where I wanted to go. I felt most comfortable here and felt like I could trust this office."


Jennifer Dubois, LASIK Patient
"I knew that coming to Dr. Katzen that I was going to be in fantastic hands. Before you know you're sitting up and you can see!"

John McKeeman, Engineer
"Spent about a year in interviewing 9 doctors and eye clinics before choosing Dr. Katzen."


Joel Hersch, Optometrist
"I was amazed how easy it was and how I felt absolutely nothing during the procedure. Visual recovery was pretty rapid, by the very next day I was driving. Now that I've had the LASIK procedure myself, I recommend it for all of my patients."

Virginia, WILD 95.5 Radio DJ
"My entire experience was amazing. I have 20/15 vision! It is definitely something that I would recommend to family, to friends and everyone I know."


John Walsh, T.V. Host
"I sought out the best surgeon I could find for my LASIK procedure. Here's why I chose Dr. Katzen for my LASIK procedure: experience, reputation and results. My vision today? I've taken my glasses and contacts off the Most Wanted List."

Jessica Cecere, CEO
"I had been looking for about 18 months, interviewed 5 places, and when I finally decided to come here, I felt so comfortable. Dr. Katzen is amazing - this is the most wonderful thing that's happened to me."


Bob Impaglia, P.G.A
"I couldn't be happier. The next morning, I woke up and I could see. It was incredible I went from 20/400 to 20/20. This is by far one of the best things I've ever done - in fact, in one word, it was magical."

Frances, Penthouse 94.3 Radio DJ
"After 20 years of wearing glasses and contact lenses I finally said "so long" and now I have perfect natural vision all thanks to the fantastic Dr. Lawrence Katzen and his amazing staff at the Katzen Eye Care and Laser Center. This really has been the best decision I have ever made my whole entire life and is truly a life changer!"

Jane Crafter, LPGA Australian Open Champion
"A lot of players on the LPGA and the PGA tour were having LASIK, including several who have won some majors. And I thought to myself, perhaps now is the time. So I got on the internet and researched a lot of LASIK doctors Everything I read about experience, technology and results led me to Dr. Katzen, and I have not been disappointed. As soon as I got back on the course for the next tournament, I noticed how well I could see blades of grass on the green. I've always been a fairly good putter, but I think LASIK has improved my putting a great deal. Thank you, Dr. Katzen, for improving my chances of playing well on the LPGA."

Jim Kiick, Member of 1972 Miami Dolphins Perfect Season
"We did my LASIK procedure live on a radio program that enabled thousands of listeners and viewers to share the experience. Immediately following my procedure, I sat up and could instantly see better. It was quick, easy, and painless and something that will benefit me for the rest of my life. As a member of Miami"s 'Perfect' season with the 'Perfect' team in the NFL, it's only fitting that I now have 'Perfect' vision! I owe it all to Dr. Katzen. There was never any doubt in his mind that my procedure would be anything less than perfect. Dr. Katzen was my first choice for LASIK. .. and he should be yours too!"

Dan Thomas, LASIK Patient
"You have an excellent, professional staff and should be proud of the way your office operates. Thank you for such a great and successful experience."

Kim Chiorean, LASIK Patient
"I thought everything was awesome! I was very nervous but after the procedure I was very happy and excited that it was so easy! Thank you!"

Caroroline Lomardo, LASIK Patient
"Every employee made me feel comfortable and confident along the way. Everyone was very informative and went above and beyond my expectations. I would recommend Katzen Eye Care Center to anyone!!"

Chantal Gellermann, LASIK Patient
"I get nervous before surgeries so I appreciated when the nurses and doctor kept talking and reassuring me during the surgery. Thank you!"

Where do eye doctors go for LASIK?

More eye doctors in Palm Beach County have chosen Dr. Katzen for their LASIK procedure than any other surgeon in the area. They know Dr. Katzen is involved in the entire LASIK process, both before and after the procedure. And, they know that combined with Dr. Katzen's experience, our state-of-the-art technology ensures the best possible results. With Dr. Katzen's reputation for excellence, they know they'll receive unsurpassed patient care all patients deserve.

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