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All-Laser Vision Correction and IntraLase Custom LASIK

Katzen Eye Care & Laser Center is committed to providing its patients with the newest and safest state-of-the-art technologies. Our high tech refractive surgery instrumentation, including the more accurate iFS IntraLase femtosecond laser in combination with the VISX S4 IR Excimer laser ensures our patients that they will have the highest-quality laser vision correction available. The Pentacam scanner is always utilized as a diagnostic tool to help ensure a safe and precise surgical outcome. We were the first private practice in Palm Beach County to use the Blade­Free CustomVUE IntraLase procedure that enables a truly individualized treatment of a patient's vision. We are proud to have treated thousands of patients with these technologies. If you would like to learn more about the technology that we use and how it can help you, please contact our center to schedule a private consultation with the renowned Palm Beach LASIK surgeon, Dr. Lawrence Katzen.

IntraLase iFS Laser

All-Laser LASIK Vision Correction - A Safer Approach to LASIK

The Katzen Eye Care & Laser Center is proud to be the first private Palm Beach / Jupiter LASIK eye surgery practice to offer the IntraLase procedure to our patients. IntraLase is the first blade-free laser technology for performing the initial step of the LASIK procedure — creating the corneal flap. For the first time in LASIK history, we can perform an all-laser, bladeless, Lasik procedure. Our center has also upgraded to the latest LASIK technology utilizing the 5th generation of Intralase technology approved by the FDA. The speed and precision of this technology vastly improves patient comfort and surgical results.

Laser Vision Correction is often associated solely with the Excimer laser, but there are actually two very important steps in correcting your vision:

1. Creating a very thin flap of tissue that is folded back during treatment.

2. Reshaping the exposed surface with the Excimer laser and replacing the flap.

IntraLase technology has revolutionized step 1, the creation of the corneal flap.

Before the introduction of the IntraLase laser, the corneal flap was created with a mechanical hand held device known as the microkeratome, which moved across the cornea to cut the flap.

Creation of a corneal flap performed with a microkeratome.

While LASIK is a successful and relatively safe procedure, the majority of complications with Lasik arise from the use of a bladed style microkeratome. Although Dr. Katzen has performed thousands of Lasik procedures with this traditional method, since 2005 he has only performed the IntraLase to help reduce the complications attributed to the microkeratome.

The IntraLase Procedure

IntraLase FS Laser

Our 5th generation The IntraLase™ iFS Laser brings a new level of safety and assurance to vision correction surgery by providing an all-laser approach for optimal precision. The accuracy of a computer-controlled laser may be used to create the corneal flap for LASIK, providing unprecedented control and the ability to customize the flap for each of our patients.

The IntraLase laser precisely focuses its beam of energy, gently and harmlessly, passing through the outer layers of the cornea, until it reaches the exact position within the central corneal layer. The laser then pulses energy which divides the inner tissue at a molecular level without creating damage from heat or mechanical disruption. The IntraLase procedure enables Dr. Katzen to safely create a corneal flap of precise shape and thickness.

Advantages of IntraLase

  • Increased Safety:Eliminates complications from mechanical microkeratomes

  • Better Vision

  • Reduced Dry Eye Symptoms

  • Highest Degree of Predictability and Precision

  • Fewer Second Treatments

  • Increased patient comfort during the procedure

  • Expands patient candidacy: even though you may have not been a candidate for traditional LASIK, you may now be a candidate for IntraLase.

We welcome any questions you may have about IntraLase.

Call our toll free number: 1-877-736-2020.

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Pentacam - The Gold Standard for Corneal Measurements:

Oculus Pentacam

The Katzen Eye Care & Laser Center continues to lead the way by utilizing state-of-the-art micro imaging technology, providing patients in Palm Beach County with the advanced Pentacam scanning system.

The Pentacam Scanner’s main advantage is that it provides more precise measurements of the central cornea than any other ocular measurement instrument currently available.

The Pentacam Comprehensive Eye Scanner is a rotating Scheimpflug camera that photographs both the anterior (front) and posterior (back) surfaces and other areas of the cornea. The measurement takes less than two seconds and micro eye movements are recorded and simultaneously corrected. The short imaging time and 3-D image capture makes it possible to accurately measure 25,000 points of the cornea.
Topography involves making a map that describes the surfaces of the cornea, denoting its elevations and depressions the same way that a topographic map records mountains and valleys.
One of the most critical corneal measurements in addition to its shape is its actual thickness. The Pentacam records 25,000 data points that describe the true thickness of the cornea, providing the most accurate and reliable measurement of its total thickness.
The Pentacam’s camera captures the entire anterior portion of the eye in 3-D, including the cornea and lens. Its high quality imaging system can display clouding or opacities in the lens of the eye. This can help the surgeon determine a patient’s candidacy for LASIK or lifestyle lens implants (lifestyle IOLs).

The Pentacam benefits patients contemplating laser eye surgery or lens replacement surgery, ensuring the safest and most accurate treatment outcomes.

In the opinion of the eye care professionals at Katzen Eye Care & Laser Center, there is no instrument more detailed, accurate, and helpful as a diagnostic device in determining a patient's candidacy for laser vision correction or lens implantation than the Pentacam.

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Imagine a quality of vision so crisp and clear, it's like living in a world of Hi-Definition. A quality of vision impossible to achieve with prescription glasses or contact lenses. Vision that surpasses 20/20. Today, Katzen Eye Care & Laser Center goes beyond the limits of glasses or contacts with CustomVue Lasik utilizing the iDesign Advanced Wavescan Studio (AWS), the next generation procedure in laser vision correction.

Thanks to CustomVue Lasik, it's now possible for many patients to achieve a quality of vision better than 20/20. New WaveScan technology allows our doctors to capture unique imperfections in your vision that could not be previously detected. This information provides 25 times more precision than standard measurements for glasses or contacts.


The latest technological advance in laser vision correction is Advanced Custom LASIK surgery. Advanced Custom LASIK surgery represents the next step in improving the outcome of laser vision correction beyond the excellent results already attainable by conventional means. This is possible because every eye and its associated refractive errors are unique, much like one's fingerprint. Recent advancements in technology now allow us not only to measure these unique refractive imperfections, but also to accurately and predictably eliminate them.

The CustomVue system represents a major breakthrough in laser vision correction, customizing each patient's vision treatment on an individualized basis. Upon FDA approval of the CustomVue laser system in May 2003; Lawrence Katzen, M.D. has been able to offer customized LASIK to each qualified patient. In 2016, Dr. Katzen acquired a new level of precision for treatments with the introduction of the iDesign Advanced Wavescan. This sophisticated equipment enables Dr. Katzen to deliver 100% personalized treatments based on the large amount of high quality information that the iDesign provides.

For the past century, doctors have measured vision by having patients read letters on a standard eye chart. Normal vision has been defined as being able to read the 20/20 line on the chart. But just by identifying the letters doesn't mean that you have excellent vision, especially if the letters aren't crisp and clear.

20/20 Quantity
20/20 Quality

Until now, laser vision correction has only been able to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. These visual imperfections or "aberrations" account for 85% to 90% of the overall quality of the vision. There are other imperfections which can cause the vision to be impaired even if you are seeing 20/20.

Unless these imperfections are corrected, your vision may not be perfect even though you may be able to see the 20/20 line on the eye chart. They can cause difficulty particularly at night time and under poor lighting conditions. They can also cause glare, halos and other visual distortions.

How does Wavefront work?

At the heart of Custom LASIK procedures is the aberrometer, such as the iDesign Advantage wavefront measurement system.

By adopting technology originally developed for high-powered telescopes ( James Webb Space Telescope), wavefront measurements identify and quantify imperfections in an individual's eye 25 times more precisely than the standard methods used for eyeglasses and contact lenses.

Ideally in a perfect eye, all light would come to an exact point of focus on the back of the eye at the retina and bounce straight back out in a perfectly flat plane. In reality, all eyes have some degree of simple and complex imperfections.

Wavefront devices measures light that is reflected from the back of your eye out onto a wavefront analyzer. This iDesign system separates the broad light into individual points of light that can be measured on a microscopic level. Mathematical formulas account for the "errors" at the corneal plane for each point. The result is a generated map or "fingerprint" of that individual eye's optical system. The iDesign system allows doctors to detect details of the eye that were never able to be seen before. This data guides the laser to reshape the cornea for a truly customized treatment.

After careful review by Dr. Katzen, this information is then digitally transferred to the excimer laser for the treatment, providing a new level of precision and accuracy.

It takes a few seconds longer for a Custom LASIK procedure to be performed than it does for a conventional procedure. All aspects of the surgery are identical but the corneal reshapement is based upon the patient's unique wavefront data rather than on a non-customized or conventional measurement.

Custom LASIK creates an optical system that greatly reduces visual distortions. The improvement in the quality of vision means that a patient can easily read the 20/20 line in the eye chart instead of just barely seeing it.

A large clinical study, which was necessary for attaining FDA approval of this new and improved technology, highlighted the excellent results achievable with Custom LASIK surgery. In this particular study, one year after undergoing Custom LASIK, 100 percent of the enrolled patients could pass a driving test without glasses or contact lenses.

In fact, 98 percent of custom-treated patients could see 20/20, and a full 70 percent could see better than 20/20. Moreover, in this study, four times as many people were very satisfied with their night vision after "custom" LASIK as compared to their night vision before with glasses or contact lenses.

Currently, Advanced Custom LASIK is available to patients whose refractive error falls within the parameters set forth by the FDA. With additional clinical data constantly being submitted to the FDA, the eligibility for Advanced Custom LASIK will surely be expanded. Patients interested in taking advantage of this new and exciting technology should contact our office.

For more information about CustomVue, click here.

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VISX Star S4 "Active Trak" IR

The technological advancements of the VISX S4 with Iris Registration allow for incredibly accurate and safe laser vision correction treatments.

VISX Star S4

A common complication that corrective lasers must account for is the movement of the eye during the course of surgery. Even under ideal circumstances, the human eye is constantly exhibiting very rapid, darting movements. These eye movements predispose patients to retreatment and unwanted side effects such as glare, halo, or blurry vision.

Aligning the laser with the eye is a crucial measurement, as the precision of the alignment is closely related to the accuracy and effectiveness of the procedure.

  • Active Trak 3D eye-tracking technology allows the laser to detect and compensate for small eye movements, guiding the laser beam to keep it precisely centered over the treatment area. Active Trak repositions and realigns the laser beam between each pulse, ensuring pinpoint accuracy throughout the procedure.

  • Active Trak, a system exclusive to VISX, is the only system that lets the doctor track eye movement in all three dimensions, so that the laser beam is always correctly centered on the eye, which helps to produce precise results.

  • Active Trak requires no pupil dilation, unlike other lasers with eye-tracking technology. This allows for an even speedier recovery time.

  • Because the VISX Star S4 Laser System produces seven variably sized beams, the doctor has greater flexibility, which allows for smooth and precise shaping of the cornea.

  • The VISX exclusive SmartBeam technology allows the beam size to be adjusted for each unique treatment, which lessens the amount of corneal tissue that needs to be removed.

  • The Star 4 variable beam technology enables the doctor to select the exact beam size and shape appropriate for each individual patient.

  • Because VISX laser systems create extremely smooth surfaces on the cornea after the procedure, this promotes faster healing and helps create better visual outcomes.

  • VISX laser systems create an optical zone that reduces night vision problems.

  • Because VISX laser systems require a shorter procedure time than many other lasers, patients are more comfortable and have less risk of postoperative complications.

Iris Registration

In addition to the Active Trak 3-D technology, The VISX Star 4 laser system at the Katzen Eye Care & Laser Center also utilizes the technological breakthrough of Iris Registration, propelling LASIK to new levels of accuracy and precision.

During the pre-operative measurement and planning stages of your All Laser LASIK at The Katzen Eye Care & Laser Center, your eye's measurements will be matched to the unique features of your eye's iris, the colored portion of the eye. This is called "iris registration" because we are accurately "registering" your treatment to the precise shape and position of your eye in three dimensional space.

One set of measurements of the iris are taken pre-operatively and a second set is taken while the patient is lying down just prior to surgery on the laser bed. The two measurements are compared and the system selects prominent reference points for each iris, calculating treatment surface angles from multiple matching reference points.

Iris Registration prevents any potential errors during surgery that arise from eye movements that change the location of the pupil's center to the actual "wheel-like" rotations of the eye. Accurate alignment of treatment is ensured.

The VISX S4 Active Trak laser with Iris Registration provides our patients uncompromising quality and accuracy in surgical outcomes. To learn more about this technology and how it can help you realize your vision correction goals, schedule a consultation with one of our skilled LASIK surgeons – Dr. Lawrence Katzen, Dr. Michael Weiskopf, Dr. Elizabeth Oteiza, or Dr. Debra McCracken.

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