Can an Eye be Transplanted?

The eye is connected to the brain via the optic nerve. The light that comes through the eye is interpreted as signals in the retina. These signals go through the optic nerve and eventually to the brain. The optic nerve is small (1.3” to 2.2”L and 1/5”W), however, it contains more than a million tiny … Read More Can an Eye be Transplanted?

October is Halloween Safety Month

Tips to protect your vision during Halloween season Decorative contact lenses Do not wear decorative contact lenses which are purchased online or at costume stores. Do not purchase contacts without a prescription. Contact lenses must be properly fitted by an eye physician. Do not share contact lenses! Improper use of contacts can lead to bacterial … Read More October is Halloween Safety Month

I want Blue Eyes!

Eye color is a genetic trait. You can thank your parents for the color of your eyes. However, please remember, that all eye colors are beautiful! The important thing is that your eyes are healthy and you have good vision. The colored part of your eye, which contains the pigmentation, is called the iris. The … Read More I want Blue Eyes!