Qué es Astigmatismo?

Cuando la aparencia física de la córnea, la capa transparente de esta estructura, es irregular usted tiene astigmatismo. Una forma fácil de comprender astigmatismo es la comparación de una pelota de fútbol Americano y una pelota de soccer o fútbol (una ovalada y una redonda). Un ojo con astigmatismo  se parace a una pelota de … Read More Qué es Astigmatismo?

My LASIK Experience

I had been wearing glasses since I was 14 years of age.  I considered myself quite special because Dr. Barraquer, a world famous ophthalmologist prescribed my first corrective glasses.  Ironically, this same doctor was one of the pioneers in refractive and LASIK surgery.  However, the ultimate gratification for me occurred when I had my own … Read More My LASIK Experience

Use your Makeup wisely

Makeup is so much fun to use.  We are using make up at a much earlier age. We need to teach our children and ourselves to utilize these beauty tools without harming our eyes and vision. If you wear contacts and glasses, applying makeup brings another level of expertise to the person applying it. Go … Read More Use your Makeup wisely

I want Blue Eyes!

Eye color is a genetic trait. You can thank your parents for the color of your eyes. However, please remember, that all eye colors are beautiful! The important thing is that your eyes are healthy and you have good vision. The colored part of your eye, which contains the pigmentation, is called the iris. The … Read More I want Blue Eyes!